15 best college dorm decor ideas and essentials for him and her in 2022


Sleep through your 8am class, but don’t sleep on dorm decor.

Home is where the decorations are, and when you pack up and move into a college dorm for the semester, it should feel as homey and comforting as possible.


Sometimes transforming your school-issued four walls (or two if you are sharing a double) can be tricky, with stark white walls and not enough floor space. However, as every college student knows, there are hacks that can fix pretty much any problem.

As seen on viral TikTok videos of students with tricked-out dorm rooms, a lot can be done in a small space. The account @dormroomtours features those amazing transformations, showing what a rug, some lights and the right bedding can do to level-up your space.

After getting the necessities like a mini fridge, blankets and a coffee maker for late-night study sessions — get creative and make your dorm your own.

To help you potentially get featured as one of the coveted dorm before-and-after success stories, read on for where to find the best dorm decor of 2022.