KK News Investigators: U.S. Can Do More to Fight Starvation Around the World


I read with sadness “Starvation Grows Among World’s Poorest” (World News, July 11). It’s time to move beyond blame and look for solutions. One is to increase energy production, including U.S. oil. We can ask the Gulf states to produce more, but the U.S. has the responsibility and capability to do it, too. Perhaps Ukraine’s deal with Russia will release some grain.

But the U.S. can also divert more grain to world markets. This can be done by relaxing or eliminating the inefficient ethanol mandates and diverting that grain production to food that will save these starving countries.

With the demand for food worldwide, it may be the perfect time to convince Iowa voters that we can suspend ethanol mandates without impairing grain prices. Decisions today may not affect food production and inflation in 2022. But they will have a dramatic impact on food security and inflation in 2023 and future years.