KK News Update: Griner should be immediately released, US National Security Council’s Kirby says


US National Security Council Director for Strategic Communications John Kirby echoed President Joe Biden’s comments Thursday, calling for Brittney Griner’s immediate release.

“This sentence, this trial just reaffirms what we have been saying all along: Brittney has been wrongfully detained and she needs to be immediately released by Russian authorities so she can be home with her wife, her teammates, and her friends and family and the President is going to stay 100% committed to achieving that outcome,” Kirby said during an appearance on MSNBC.

He pointed to the United States’ serious proposal” for a prisoner swap with the Russians.

“We urge the Russians, again, to seriously consider that proposal, to act on it. And let’s get these two Americans home where they belong,” Kirby said, later calling their counteroffer a “bad faith attempt … just to cloud up the waters, make things muddy, and to avoid having to make what is a consequential and serious decision. . .