Sick trolls sent my husband Jamie death threats over Wagatha Christie court battle, says Becky Vardy


Becky, 40, said: “It doesn’t matter what people’s opinions are about me, they shouldn’t be attacking my husband or children. I draw the line when you subject them to vicious, disgusting hatred, and abuse my husband.

“This has nothing to do with him. It was these threats that got my attention and it is hurtful.

“I was devastated. We had quite a few police reports and that was just something I left for the police to deal with.

“I had to manoeuvre my way through a situation that was awful and I had to kind of separate what was going on for my own well-being, and for my babies as well.

“This isn’t about my family. It’s not their battle, and it’s not fair they should be subjected to horrific abuse. I just want it to stop.”

Becky showed The Sun dozens of horrific direct messages sent to the accounts of her and Leicester City striker Jamie, 35.

One reads: “You dirty f***ing slag. I hope Vardy’s leg gets broke (sic).” Another reads: “Hello Jamie, or should I call you p****.

“I cannot f***ing stand you and honestly the world would be so much better off if you broke your legs and gave up football.”